SAI KUNG STRAY FRIENDS is a group of volunteers who rescue stray dogs and puppies and provide them with shelter, food and medical care. We also place some of the dogs in short-term foster homes to socialise them before finding responsible adopters to give them a loving home. Our goal is to help stray dogs have a better life, which they deserve! We are funded by donations from the local community.


our dogs

We have around 100 dogs in our kennels at the moment, ranging from small pups to old and grey dogs. They are well fed, well cared for and beautifully groomed.


Our meals-on-wheels program delivers food and clean water to street dogs 365 days a year. We create shelters for the dogs and give them blankets in winter. 

our capacity

At the moment we are at maximum occupancy with 100 dogs. While we would love to rescue many more, we first need to find homes for the ones we have.