If you haven't experienced the joy of adopting a dog, right now is a good time!


We have over 100 beautiful dogs at the Sai Kung Stray Friends kennels. One of them could be perfect for you. It is so rewarding to know a dog that has a better life because of you. Their love and gratitude will transform your life and teach you lessons about life that you never expected. 


Shelter dogs make wonderful, loving companions. There is a misconception that shelter dogs are 'bad pets' because their owners have abandoned them. This is not true. Dogs are brought to shelters for many reasons, including:

  • Their owners have passed away
  • Irresponsible owners did not neuter their dogs, resulting in unwanted puppies
  • Their owners did not consider the responsibilities of caring for a pet
  • They have been rescued from neglectful environments
  • They have been rescued from the streets

Rescue dogs make incredible transformations when they go to a permanent home, forming strong bonds with their new owners and family.